/One Word Stands Between You and the Life of Your Dreams

One Word Stands Between You and the Life of Your Dreams

When I first started my business, I quickly realized three things—any of which could’ve destroyed my dreams:

  1. I had no money.
  2. I had no experience.
  3. I had no ability.

Can you relate? For your sake, I hope not. But even if you can, let me assure you, you can be successful.

Whether you’re trying to get through college, build a new business, run a marathon, backpack through Europe for a year, learn to surf—whatever it is you are trying to do in life, you can succeed.

But chances are you don’t currently have everything you think you need to make it. Maybe you don’t have the skill. Or the strength. Or the free time. Or any money.

And like me, maybe you’ve thought about throwing in the towel a couple times, giving up and going back to the things that you do have. Like television. And Netflix. And late nights. And sleeping in.

Maybe, like most of the world, you’ll fall back on the odd chance you’ll get lucky someday and suddenly find yourself living the dream. Maybe you’ll naturally get more free time. Maybe you’ll naturally find the money to start a business.

But I think we both know that’s likely never going to happen.

Like Jim Rohn says, “Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

What’s the Most Powerful Word in the English Language?

Sadly, many people evaluate their situation and decide that they don’t have the ability to do whatever it is they’re trying to do. So, they give up—on their dreams, their ambitions, the incredible life they envisioned.

But some—a select few—they learn to harness the power of the No. 1 most important word in the English language: “How?”

HOW do I build this business despite my lack of money?

HOW do I run this marathon despite my lack of time to train?

HOW do I deepen my spiritual walk?

HOW do I become a better husband to my wife, a better father to my kids?

HOW do I reach my dreams and achieve the life I was meant to live?

The word “how” transforms your brain from something passive to something active. It forces you to come up with solutions.

It forces you to say no to “no,” to say yes to pushing through, to expand your mind so it no longer is confined to the limits placed on it by our parents, our culture, our limiting beliefs.

In other words, “how” is the most important word in the English language because it transforms the soul from a passenger in life to the driver of the vehicle. “How” makes it all possible.

Start asking the all-important “how” question, then prepare for your life to radically change. Shout it into the universe and be prepared for the incredible machine between your ears to start answering you.

The more you ask it, the more you focus on it, the more you obsess about it, the clearer the answers will become. And it all begins with “how.”

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How are you going to transform your life, starting today?

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